Women of the Future 2018 Award - Community Spirits

“So humbled and grateful to have won a Women of the Future award! It was such a competitive category and all the finalists are so amazing. I thank Girls20, the #iWillFund & #CYPAN for giving me platforms and chances to lead and influence social change. Thanks to all volunteers, schools and Luton Lights participants who have believed in this vision and have played a part in this success. Starting Luton Lights has been a great pleasure and as I always say, if even just one girl felt more confident or maybe decided to pursue STEM or politics as a result of this project then everything would be all worth it and our work would be successful. Please continue to support & get involved with Luton Lights. This is a reminder that when we do things for others, we ourselves are also empowered.”


Dunola Oladapo