Luton Lights

Encouraging girls to reach their true potential




Luton Lights is founded as a post-summit initiative by the 2017 UK G(irls)20 delegate, Dunola Oladapo. This project aims to directly address the deficit of women in STEM industries in the UK. We want to equip young women in Luton for the jobs of the future.  Only 25% of STEM graduates from UK universities are female.  More girls should be encouraged to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths and Design. Luton Lights aims to inspire more girls in Luton to grow in confidence and knowledge of their full potential. Please follow us on Instagram to find out more.

We exist to inspire and empower young women from Luton through:

  • Free motivation and confidence building courses  for girls aged 13-18

  • Representative mentors and role models for young women

  • School visits and assemblies

  • Informative conferences and practical workshops in Luton



Upcoming Events


What we do


Working with our partners IAmTheCode, we will run regular digital coding clubs later in the year. These are free coding lessons for girls aged 11-23. We are pledging 1,000 girls from Luton to the United Nations Goal of 1,000,000 girl coders by 2030.  Register for updates on this.

13-18 year olds can now apply for the Luton Lights Summer Course. This will essentially a series of free workshops on motivation, confidence and coding.



Providing the opportunity for young women to interact with representative role models is central to our programmes and events. Luton Lights mentors will help to inspire and guide their early careers. If you are or you know a girl in Luton aged 13-18 who would benefit from this please contact us for an application form. 


School visits and assemblies

Book us to come to your school to host assemblies or workshops on topics surrounding Women in STEM, Confidence or Motivation.

we wANT To SEE Girls in luton achieving their maximum potential..
— Dunola [Founder]